What’s In a Name?

I’m sure that some of you are wondering about the name of my blog. Let me give you a little background first. 

In addition, cooking the books now has an alternate meaning related to food blogs. According to this 2008 article from the Wall Street Journal, there is a specific type of food blog that are “cook-through” blogs. Basically, the blogger picks a cookbook and makes everything in it, posting about each recipe as they go. So they quite literally are cooking the book.

When I decided to give blogging a try, my first thought was “I have to have an awesome name that is easy to remember, and represents me well.” So I started writing down ideas. But I soon discovered that picking a blog name was harder than I thought it would be. If I thought of something that might work, I would do a google search and quickly discover that 20 other people had already thought of it.

My ideas were all over the place. “Idahomemade” was one idea. But I felt that if I used that name, that everything I made for Etsy or talked about should be Idaho related. I crossed that off the list. “Czech it out” was another idea, the Czech being a reference to a family member that immigrated to the USA from the Czech Republic many years ago. But that didn’t fit either. I briefly considered “Suzie Homemaker,” but quickly crossed it off the list because the term has been used in such a negative way. At one point I was thinking that “Almost Crafty” would be the name of my blog. In addition to cooking, I would be doing sewing for my Etsy Shop, so it would work, but it didn’t seem to be a perfect fit. I wasn’t excited about the name, and I wanted to be excited. So I kept thinking.

I needed a name that represented me. So I thought to myself “What do I like to do? What will I be talking about on my blog?” I like to cook and bake. I like to garden. I love to read. I have a background in accounting, and felt like I wanted to incorporate that somehow. I decided to poke around on the internet for ideas and ended up scrolling through “accounting humor” products. I saw coffee mugs and t-shirts that said things like “Accountants work their assets off”, “Be Audit you can be” and my personal favorite “No, I will not do your taxes.”  And while they made me chuckle, they weren’t giving me any ideas.

I was about try something else when I scrolled down one last time and there it was. An apron with writing across the front that said “Cooking the Books.” A light bulb went off in my head. How had I not thought of it before? Cooking. Check. Books. Check. Accounting reference. Check. Nerdy attempt at humor. Check. It was perfect!

I did a goggle search and realized once again that someone already had a blog called cooking the books. I was so disappointed. I knew I needed to keep thinking.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about cooking the books. So I tried to find something that was related to it. Since cooking the books is sometimes referred to doing creative accounting, I eventually decided I would be the creative Accountant. I didn’t think it was as awesome as cooking the books, but it was awesome adjacent and I decided I could live with it.

So I went on google to set up a new email and tragedy struck. I got an error message that said the name I had chosen wasn’t allowed. Again I was disappointed. But this time I decided I wasn’t going to give up so easily. I had sat down at the computer with the intent to set up my blog and I wasn’t going to walk away from it until I had something. So I tried some different variations. Until finally the words I was waiting to see popped up. 

“This username is available.”

I stared at the screen for a while. I had found my blog name, and it wasn’t too far from what I had originally wanted. As a bonus, it rhymed so it would be easy to remember. Cooks My Books. And as they say, the rest is history.

Is this going to be a blog where I pick a cookbook and cook everything in it? Probably not. But I can assure you that if you’ve come to my blog in search of accounting tips to cook your books you are definitely in the wrong place. Because while I consider myself to be a creative accountant, I can assure you that I will notbe doing any creative accounting.