That’s My Spot

If, like me, you are a fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, you would know exactly what I was referring to if I said “That’s my spot.” If you aren’t familiar with the show, I will give you some background. Sheldon, one of the shows main characters, has a favorite spot on the couch that he loves so much he has put it into a state of eternal dibs.” 

This might seem silly, but I totally get it because I also have a favorite spot on the couch. 

That's My Spot Pillowcase by Cooks My Books

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Unlike Sheldon, I don’t get upset when people sit in my spot. And if you came over to our house and sat in my spot I wouldn’t say anything about it. But when people sit in my spot, I don’t know what to do with myself. I usually end up wandering around the house, cleaning things, and hovering in random places.

It’s actually a pretty common occurrence for people to sit in my spot. Because it’s an awesome spot. To be honest, I had looked for a pillow that said “That’s my spot” in the past just out of curiosity, but didn’t find one that I liked.

A few weeks ago, Nate was teasing me about my spot. I jokingly told him I was going to make a pillow that said “That’s my Spot.” But then I thought “Hey I should really make one.” I had made simple envelope style pillowcases before (check out a tutorial here) and I had applique supplies already. There was really no reason I couldn’t make one.

So in honor of the season finale of The Big Bang Theory tonight, I thought I would share how I made my “That’s my spot” pillow.

I started by looking online for fabric that looked like the pillow in Sheldon’s spot on the show. 

Image result for sheldon's pillow

It was more difficult than I thought it would be to find a stripped fabric that I liked, but I eventually decided that this fabric was as close as I was going to get. When the fabric arrived, I was so excited. I think I cut the fabric to the size I needed a few minutes after I opened the package. That was the easy part. 

I’ll be honest, I probably did the letters the most difficult way possible. But you can learn from my mistakes. If I was going to do it again I would probably just buy some iron on letters. But of course I didn’t think of that beforehand. 

What I actually did was print out the letters on card stock and cut them out one by one. 

That's My Spot Pillowcase by Cooks My Books

Then I traced the letters backwards onto the paper side of some no sew iron on adhesive and ironed it to some black fabric. (I traced them backward so they would be the right way when I ironed them onto the pillow.)  

That's My Spot Pillowcase by Cooks My Books

I cut the letters out one by one (again), this time with the fabric and adhesive paper. 

That's My Spot Pillowcase by Cooks My Books

After I cut the letters out, I ironed them onto the front of the pillow. (Doing the letters seriously took forever.) After that was done, it only took me a few minutes to finish sewing up the pillow. 

That's My Spot Pillowcase by Cooks My Books

My pillow is now happily sitting in my spot on the couch, but I’m OK with it because there is still room for me. 

Do you have a spot?

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